Training for Patrick has always been about more than aesthetics. It is about purpose, capability and connecting with your body. As a teenager, Patrick got taste of traditional strength training but it wasn’t until he entered adulthood that he began to go deeper, moving beyond the squat rack and beginning to experiment with yoga and the martial arts. Patrick loves to work with old school strength tools like Kettlebells, Maces and Indian Clubs; building on a solid foundation of body weight and mobility training. His classes focus on developing fluid and functional strength and athleticism that carries over into the real world.

Patrick appears regularly as a fitness expert on Global Morning News, is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with the YMCA, has studied extensively with Agatsu Fitness, being certified in Kettlebell, Mace and Indian Club and is also Movement and Mobility Specialist. Patrick is also a Ketacademy Level 2 Kettlebell Sport Instructor. He possesses a Bachelor’s of Physical Education and Health from McGill University and holds a Black Belt in Sil Lum Hung Gar Kung Fu.